Decadent Starling Murmuration album cover classic 1970s concept album progressive rock displaying a statue with a birds head and stalins arm kneeling in a field at dusk surrounded by an undulating mass or murmer of starlings with a hatstand on the reverse an which is seated a single robin featuring the MM records Logo

Decadent Starling – 1973 prog rock concept album ‘Murmuration’

A little, tongue in cheek, experiment in image SEO.

Step one – over the course of a drunken evening invent a typical 70’s prog rock band name in this case ‘Decadent Starling’ – you’d go see ’em, yeah?

Step two – Spend a couple of hours designing a pastiche logo, gatefold album cover for ‘Murmuration’ and record company along with a few in-jokes and a huge nod to Hipgnosis (and a tiny one to David Thorne)

Step 3 – start to invent the back story within the alt tags, descriptions etc and publish

Step 4 – leave it to fester on the tinterweb for a while then throw it out to social media as a long lost vinyl favourite that I cant get a copy of and see what happens